2 April 2018

March is the coolest month

(At least it's been pretty friggin' cold up here.) March has also been a rather slow month for LoSt. I'm chugging away at the short term todo list, and have been sinking some hours into a system for passing time and learning from your experience. I'm not too concerned about balancing character development or making any final decisions at the moment, just getting a prototype for the kind of system I have been envisioning.

The system merges current skills and perks into one pool of special abilities (shticks), mostly for simplicity's sake. I have to make some small changes to character creation to reflect this. Once that's in place, I should have all features that are necessary for the planned #12 release. I anticipate April to bring bug squashing as well as authoring content, to make use of the various additions since the last release.

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