17 July 2014

The Story So Far

A while ago, I started to tinker with a computer game named Land of Strangers. The game is a Roguelike set in a fantasy world inspired by various fictions about cowboys and cowgirls. It's still in the very early phases of development, but can already by downloaded (as a Windows executable, a software package for Debian/Ubuntu Linux, or as source code (written in python)).

Louise Ortiz, travelling salesgirl, soon to be dead (screenshot from LoSt v. 7)

This blog was established to write about LoSt (although I might make the odd excursion into stray topics, I'll try to stay on the case). For the sake of archival completeness, here is a final link, to a forum thread which I've been using to rant about LoSt:

The summer is going to be awfully quiet, but I'm guessing we can expect a new release early next fall. It will focus on making the supporting cast a little smarter.

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