20 September 2015

Shaping up

I've been hacking away some at LoSt (even if I borrowed my motto from Beckett's early prose piece The End: «I did not work every day.») – adding more infrastructure for loading and randomizing content, as well as a basic landscape/climate generator and encounter system (if still pretty crude, it'll do for our testing purposes).

This means I'm facing a period of adding some content, which is always fun. Especially as most of the game is generated from data files now, meaning I'll be able to quickly add and test different kinds of items and critters/people with particular behaviors.

I'm recycling a lot from abandoned projects, so I can move quickly enough, even if «I did not work every day».

I reckon the next release will feature a wasteland with some houses and human encounters, as well as plants and animals (randomly generated species, of course).

Speech and experience/time are probably next on the todo list, after which I'll be able to concentrate more and more on adding content.

Compared to coding, adding content is easier from a technical point of view, but it can be much harder to design and balance. (Not to mention that I'm still ironing out system basics like whether or not to use explicit facing).

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