Land of Strangers

The current version of Land of Strangers is #13 (One Crawled out of the Foxhole).

Download: Windows binary (exe)
Download: Linux installer (deb)
Download: Linux binary (other)
Download: Python sources (zip)

If you're not on Windows or Linux, you can run the game from the Python sources. To do this, you need to have installed Python 2.7 with the pygame extension (see included Readme.txt for details).

What is Land of Strangers?

Land of Strangers (LoSt) is a Roguelike (a tactical computer roleplaying game) in development. It is open source and written in the Python programming language. The setting is a Western inspired world with fantastic/speculative elements.

Development Status

The game is in alpha development, meaning it is incomplete. With many systems in place, there is still a lot to come. LoSt has been public since 2013, and will remain free to download as development continues.

Setting and gameplay

The Land is a setting directly inspired by the Western genre, but may or may not play out in an alternative version of 19th Century America. Each time you start the game, the world is regenerated with random places, persons, and even species of plants and animals. It's an unstable time of early settlers, ruthless profiteers and stray desperados, where you'll fight hypnotic bears, shoot your way through bandit camps, and buy dynamite from traveling salesmen in the desert.

Gameplay emphasizes turnbased tactics and an open world environment, with some random bits of story in between. The final vision of the game world is as a "spiritualized shoot'em-up" in a setting slightly over the top, grim and wacky. The current testing version is keyboard-based, with mouse support scheduled for next release ;) For more info about the game and its development, poke around in the blog right here.

If you have any comments or ideas for the game, never hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly (contact details included in the download).

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Land of Strangers #13: One Crawled Out of the Foxhole

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