6 November 2015


I think making a Roguelike is one of the best forms of procrastination imaginable. For one thing, it feels a hell of a lot more productive than playing RLs.

Meanwhile, I haven't been coding a lot on LoSt the last couple of weeks. Too busy with work and real life, which ironically turn into forms of procrastination in themselves, seen from the perspective of developing a RL game!

It's all part of the Slow Application Development methodology1. Which is to say LoSt is continuing its slow death march towards abandonment. Random animal generation is soon done, after which I might turn to random plant species, or some other part of world generation. The next release is planned as a (bare-bones) presentation of the overworld, and might theoretically come in a few weeks or months.

Anyway, I just wanted to divert your attention to my latest, awesome RL-themed procrastination project, namely: a fanfic comic about Caves of Qud. Each page represents about an hour of complete idleness, so it's not as bad as it may seem :P

As always,

1 I'll be sure to write a meaty blogpost about the S.A.D. methodology one of these days.

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